Mixed sets Mixed sets – Плитка ручной работы дизайнерская в Москве – изготовление керамической плитки – цены в студии Plakart

Mixed sets

Our mixed sets are groups of 9 tiles measuring 15.2cm by 15.2cm each, united by a common idea of colour and design. Customers can use our specially selected sets or create their own original set. All tiles are available and available for immediate delivery.

All our tiles are handmade. Always expect minor changes in size, weight and color of each tile. It is possible that the tiles may have some deviation from the ideal plane, and the glaze coating will have heterogeneity and unplanned crackle. These small errors are not errors. The "drawbacks" of PLAKART ceramics tiles - that's what gives it an antique look, personality and charm, inaccessible to factory tiles. Our tiles are a form of ceramic art, which you now have a real chance to join).

sets set №1 6750 RUR (750 RUR for one)
sets set №2 6750 RUR (750 RUR for one)
sets set №3 4050 RUR (RUR for one)